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Sound Healing

22nd – 25th July 2024

Join Sofitel Spa, in collaboration with Joshika from Jayur, for a transformative Sound Healing journey in July.



Joshika Akhil
CEO, Jayur | Creator of the Siddhyana Method

Joshika Akhil is an international award-winning presenter and healer, renowned in corporate wellness and self-development. With a Physics background and over 15 years in global leadership, she champions self-healing and preventive mental health. Her career started in high-tech manufacturing, focusing on business development and strategy. However, her passion for holistic wellness led her to found Jayur in 2016.

Joshika’s mission is to integrate mindset management into corporate wellness, empowering leaders to achieve success in all areas of life.

Combining her scientific expertise and training in ancient Vedic sciences, Joshika developed the SIDDHANYA METHOD. This innovative system merges sound healing, meditation, and bio-energetic principles to enhance performance and well-being. As a certified Yoga and Meditation instructor, Pranic Healer, Ayurvedic consultant, and Master Sound Healer, Joshika provides transformative programs that foster positive mindsets and well-being. She continues to inspire global audiences with her focus on mental health and empowerment.

Join Joshika on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment with Jayur’s transformative programs, and unlock your highest potential.


Introductory Group Sessions
Monday 22nd, Tuesday 23rd, Wednesday 24th & Thursday 25th July

Discover how to cleanse and re-energise your mind, spirit, and body through sound healing, deep relaxation, and visualisation. Learn tools to improve stress and anxiety, motivation, energy and well-being, memory and focus, creativity, and relationships.
Towels and water provided. Please wear comfortable clothing.
FJ$25 per session.


Private One-On-One Sessions
Available between Monday 22nd – Thursday 25th July

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to enhance your well-being with Joshika’s expert guidance. Experience personalised healing to balance chakras and energies. Sessions will take place in a private spa bure.
FJ$250 per private session.


Complete Renewal Package

Unlock your highest potential and give yourself the love you deserve with the Complete Renewal Package, a comprehensive wellness journey designed to rejuvenate and revitalise your mind, body, and spirit.

This package includes:
Complimentary Group Sound Healing Session
Start your day with a group class that cleanses and re-energises your mind, spirit, and body, followed by deep relaxation and visualisation techniques.
Private Sound Healing Session
Experience personalised healing with a one-on-one session to balance your chakras and energies, tailored specifically to your needs.
Herbal Detox Treatment
Indulge in a holistic detox process that begins with a warm Fijian herbal ball treatment to kickstart detoxification. Follow this with a dilo nut exfoliation and ginger root masque wrap. The session continues with a detox facial massage and concludes with a lymphatic drainage massage to leave you feeling completely renewed.

Embrace this transformative journey and unlock a new level of well-being with the Complete Renewal Package.
FJ$480 per person.


Please email for bookings and enquiries.

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