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Fiji Airways Resort Check-In

Enjoy the ease and stress free check-in experience at the Fiji Airways Service Desk located in the upstairs lobby.


If you are travelling via Fiji Airways, check-in to your flight, drop your luggage and receive your boarding pass, all before you leave Sofitel. Your luggage will be securely transported straight through to the airport, meaning all you need to carry is your carry-on bag. This means you can enjoy your breakfast at Sofitel, arrive at Nadi International Airport no later than 60 minutes prior to flight departure and head straight through to departures.


Perfect for families, business delegates and anyone else in between.


Opening Hours:


Morning/Midday Flights: 4.30am-5:45am
For flights departing between 8.00am-2.30pm. 


Afternoon/Evening Flights: 9.00am-1.30pm
For flights departing between 6.40pm-10.00pm. 


Note: Due to NIL TSA facilities available at the resort, Fiji Airways can not process passengers on north bound flights (SFO/LAX/HNL). This must be done at Nadi International Airport 3 hours prior to flight departure time.

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